After completing constructing notebook covers, I started to work on my next product. For the next product, I first waited until the woods to arrive, but I started to build a cigarette case first and then decided to make paper weight when the woods arrive. 

For the cigarette case, I worked really slow since I had to write my thesis, go to a trip for my vacation, and prepared my application for the school that I am planning to go after my graduation. Eventually, I started to build prototypes, but it did not go smoothly. Since I needed to build a 3d structure compare to the previous products, I needed extra-experimentations to figure out right measurement for the pattern. And even though I cut the pattern, I needed to build to literally look at the product and how the thickness of leather will work with the pattern.

I have spend significant amount of time building the pattern, and after spending quite portion of my leather, I finally got a perfectly measured pattern. I have made one cigarette case with black color and I was quite satisfied with the result. Now I just need to build 3 more cases to make next product, which is paper weight.