Weekly update - Feb 10th

Recently, I finished making notebook covers; it did not take long time than I expected, but I threw away couple of leather pieces due to the cutting mistake that I made during the process. I really like the result, but some of the stitching did not come out evenly so I have to work with applying same strength when tightening the thread in the stitching process.

I think next product will be a paper weight with very simple design that I tried to maintain throughout my works. I ordered African mahogany and Purple Heart wood and currently trying different color combinations with the wood. Also, I am waiting for walnut wood to arrive, which will-in my opinion-go well with the color palette that I have.

I also ordered more of the Ritza 'Tiger' thread that I use in my product, and they are extremely expensive! I ordered full spool of three colors that I use most: Havana Cigar, White, and Brown. I think I will need more of the black thread, but waiting for some time since one full spool is really expensive that I cannot afford many of them in one time. But I am really enjoying the process and building my products.