Weekly update - Jan 29th

Recently, I have been working on my second leather product, which is a notebook cover.

I worked on the pattern first, and tested the measurement and size with the leftover leather. After trying for the three times, I finally got the right measurement and in a process of making the notebook cover. 

Also, for the third or fourth product, I am experimenting on shaping leather without cutting or stitching the leather. By using the quality of leather that hardens after the leather is soaked and dried, by soaking the leather and drying on the shaped mold for 48 hours, I can have a three-dimensional shaped leather without using the stitching and cutting. It is my first time trying this method, so I think the process will take many attempts, but I think I can use this method to produce more various design.

Moreover, I am working on my resume/cv, and preparing my application to go to Italy. I am planning to learn more about leather craft in Florence, Italy if the opportunity is allowed. I know my leather craft skill is not perfect and there are many things that I still have to learn. And hopefully by entering to leather school in Italy, I want to study enough and pursue my career into leather craft.