After completing constructing notebook covers, I started to work on my next product. For the next product, I first waited until the woods to arrive, but I started to build a cigarette case first and then decided to make paper weight when the woods arrive. 

For the cigarette case, I worked really slow since I had to write my thesis, go to a trip for my vacation, and prepared my application for the school that I am planning to go after my graduation. Eventually, I started to build prototypes, but it did not go smoothly. Since I needed to build a 3d structure compare to the previous products, I needed extra-experimentations to figure out right measurement for the pattern. And even though I cut the pattern, I needed to build to literally look at the product and how the thickness of leather will work with the pattern.

I have spend significant amount of time building the pattern, and after spending quite portion of my leather, I finally got a perfectly measured pattern. I have made one cigarette case with black color and I was quite satisfied with the result. Now I just need to build 3 more cases to make next product, which is paper weight. 

Weekly update - Feb 10th

Recently, I finished making notebook covers; it did not take long time than I expected, but I threw away couple of leather pieces due to the cutting mistake that I made during the process. I really like the result, but some of the stitching did not come out evenly so I have to work with applying same strength when tightening the thread in the stitching process.

I think next product will be a paper weight with very simple design that I tried to maintain throughout my works. I ordered African mahogany and Purple Heart wood and currently trying different color combinations with the wood. Also, I am waiting for walnut wood to arrive, which will-in my opinion-go well with the color palette that I have.

I also ordered more of the Ritza 'Tiger' thread that I use in my product, and they are extremely expensive! I ordered full spool of three colors that I use most: Havana Cigar, White, and Brown. I think I will need more of the black thread, but waiting for some time since one full spool is really expensive that I cannot afford many of them in one time. But I am really enjoying the process and building my products. 

Weekly update - Jan 29th

Recently, I have been working on my second leather product, which is a notebook cover.

I worked on the pattern first, and tested the measurement and size with the leftover leather. After trying for the three times, I finally got the right measurement and in a process of making the notebook cover. 

Also, for the third or fourth product, I am experimenting on shaping leather without cutting or stitching the leather. By using the quality of leather that hardens after the leather is soaked and dried, by soaking the leather and drying on the shaped mold for 48 hours, I can have a three-dimensional shaped leather without using the stitching and cutting. It is my first time trying this method, so I think the process will take many attempts, but I think I can use this method to produce more various design.

Moreover, I am working on my resume/cv, and preparing my application to go to Italy. I am planning to learn more about leather craft in Florence, Italy if the opportunity is allowed. I know my leather craft skill is not perfect and there are many things that I still have to learn. And hopefully by entering to leather school in Italy, I want to study enough and pursue my career into leather craft.


IP progress

Since December Review, I was kind of lost due to the comments that I should find a personal connection-which I thought I had-and more conceptual meaning. At first, I thought I should have to start whole project again and build a conceptual meaning behind the project. But after talking with Frank, I realized that I need to put my identity into the products to represent myself thus building the personal relationship.

First, I decided to rearrange five kinds of products that I originally decided to make. My original products were bag, document holder, card wallet, pencil case, and notebook cover. And to emphasize my running theme of the project-simplicity-I decided to reduce the number of the products and change the products, excluding big and complex products such as bag and pencil case. I decided to make card wallet, notebook cover, document holder, and if time allows, paper weight using wood and covering it with leather. I might play around with the variation of products, but I decided to simplify the products.

Second, I retackle the logo that I made, which looked like a gelato logo. In order to understand my meaning behind the logo and identity that I built in my products, you need to know the significance of number 3 hold in my life. Three has been my identity through entire life because I am a triplet. Every one called and represented me and my siblings with  three and the number three really hold significant meaning in my life. And I decided to put in that identity into my products and logo.

At first, I decided to work my logo with Roman numeral three (III) but realized that I could not come up with a satisfying logo. So I attempted to symbolize three through the geometric shape and an object that goes into the logo. Triangle is one of the most stable geometric shape and closely related to three, so I wanted to indirectly represent three through the shape. The knot in the triangle represents harmony of the three elements that I want to put in my project and my works; handcraft, leather, and simplicity. The logo is almost a final version and I just need to work with the typography of my name and add to the logo.

The knot in the logo-the three line-will be presented in my products in very subtle manner, and I am currently building the products. After various attempts, I figured out how to put it and currently working on it. After completely building one product, I will update my blog to show the process.